ZCWS will stop accepting new tax appeal applications for Algonquin Township at 5:00 pm November 13th, 2017.

Thank you for your interest in our property tax appeal services. We understand the frustration you face with your ever-increasing property tax burden, and we’re ready to put our extensive experience to use to fight for the tax reduction you deserve!

Our Process

You can begin the tax appeal process by calling our office at 815-459-8800. Once we have your property information and $50 application fee, we begin to compile all relevant evidence in order to substantiate the largest possible reduction. Unlike some other tax appeal services, our attorneys have extensive experience and knowledge in the area of property tax appeals, so we know what evidence will result in the most drastic reductions.
In certain cases, we may recommend that you secure an appraisal. While it is rarely required to achieve a reduction, it may be obvious that a larger reduction would be likely with the submission of the appraisal. An appraisal is always necessary for commercial property appeals in order to ensure the largest possible reduction.

Before filing the appeal, we work with the township assessor to negotiate a reduction in your assessment. In some cases, the assessor will agree to a reduction. If we cannot reach an agreement with the assessors, we file a formal tax appeal on your behalf and represent you at the McHenry County Board of Review Hearing. Please Note: The deadline to file an appeal is 30 days after the publication of your assessment.

Our Services

We handle the entire tax appeal process for you from start to finish. Our services include preliminary negotiations, obtaining all relevant evidence, preparing the petitions, filing the formal appeal, and attending the Board of Review Hearing.

Our Fees

For these services, our fee is $50, paid at the time you retain us, plus 45% of the estimated tax savings for the following year, based upon the adjustment in EAV by the Assessor or the Board of Review. Anything you save in future years is yours to keep. The tax savings estimate is the result of the reduction in EAV that we achieve multiplied by your current local tax rate. If your property was appraised or purchased on or after January of the current year (or close thereto), the $50 initial fee will be waived.

Please note that this will not reduce your tax burden for any payments that are currently due to the County. Taxes in McHenry County are paid in arrears; meaning the tax bill you are paying this year is for the last full calendar year’s taxes. We look forward to working with you in lowering your property assessment and continuing our tradition of success.

You can begin the tax appeal process by calling our office at 815-459-8800.

Tax Appeal Packet 2017