Medicaid Crisis Planning Attorney

Our Medicaid Crisis Planning Attorney, Tamara Marshall, can provide immediate help and relief to seniors, and their families, who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by a loved one’s sudden need for long term care and the extremely high costs associated with the care. Tamara, and her team, will help families in crisis design their personal path to peace of mind by developing a plan to qualify and receive assistance from Medicaid to pay for long term care, without devastating the assets accumulated from a lifetime of hard work and savings.

Medicaid Crisis Planning requires a VERY specialized set of knowledge and skills. There are many well-meaning professionals and individuals who have misinformation in this area. It is vital that you consult someone with specialized training to help you qualify for Medicaid long term care assistance.

What Drives Us?

Our Medicaid Crisis Planning team is dedicated to providing our customers with compassionate and effective services to help seniors and their families during a traumatic time. We distinguish ourselves by maintaining the highest levels of customer service, ethical standards and competence. Let us take care of you when you need to take care of your family crisis.
Please contact Jillian Griseto at (815) 459-8800 ext. 646, or, to schedule a complimentary half hour consultation.

Some Medicaid Crisis Planning Services We Offer:

Personalized Medicaid Asset Protection Road Map

  • This is a document tailored to your family’s needs and circumstances that educates you about options available to qualify for Medicaid and preserve some assets.

Medicaid Asset Protection Trust

  • This specialized trust is a tool that will assist in preserving assets by placing ownership in an irrevocable trust which can only be accessed by a trusted person of the trust creator’s choice.

Medicaid Compliant Promissory Notes

  • This is one method of transforming assets (that would disqualify a person from receiving Medicaid assistance to pay for long term care) into a stream of income to pay for care.

Applications for Medicaid

  • Qualifying for Medicaid is confusing and difficult and the application process can be a minefield. Let us help you through the process so that you avoid compounding the stress of an already difficult situation.